Course Topic:  Member Retention Strategies

Attention Struggling Membership Site Owners...


Turn Your Pathetic Income Into Real Passive Income By Keeping Members Paying You Month After Month


2:55 PM Edmonton, Alberta
From: Andrew Hunter

If you have a dead or dying membership site that is sucking the life out of you, then make sure you read everything I have to share in this short message.

Membership sites are supposed to generate passive income almost on autopilot, right?

Changes are, it's not working that way for you.

Most likely, you have a good product, but within a month or two members are cancelling their subscription and leaving your site - maybe forever.

Let me illustrate the power of making a small change to your membership site model can have to your revenue.

Let's imagine that you add 10 members a month for 3 months at a price of $20 per month.  At the end of 3 months you have generated $1,200 revenue.

But realistically you may be loosing members at a rate of 20%, and if that happens then at the end of 3 months you really have only generated $840 revenue.

That's a loss of $360, with only 10 new members per month!

Your site could potentially be losing thousands of dollars per month because your retention rate is too low.

So how do fix do this problem?


You Need To Close The Back Door And Milk Your Profits As Long As You Possible Can

Much of what is taught in the area of building a successful membership site business focuses on getting members, not keeping them.

Well that's about to change, because I'm going to share my most successful strategies that I use to keep members happy and paying me month after month.

You see I'm the creator of MemberSonic, a premium WordPress Membership Site WordPress Plugin and a professional coach and consultant in the area of membership sites.

Just a few days ago I held a private training call for my Moguls XPress Coaching clients and I taught them this exact strategy.


The Moguls Residual Retention Method

How To Increase Your Member Retention, Generate More Revenue In Your Business, And Increase The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers


In a private training session with my Moguls XPress Coaching Clients, I shared my strategies on member retention.  In this 44:10 long training video, you will discover:

  • The 5 Keys To Improving Member Retention

    The 5 key elements you need in your membership site business to dramatically improve member retention.

  • Why You Need A Tribe, Not Just Subscribers

    The 4 avenues to use to connect with your market and build a tribe of loyal followers.

  • The 4 'Expert' Factors

    The 4 factors to position yourself as an expert within your niche market.

  • How To Make Or Break Communication

    The 5 lines of communication that you need to be both using and monitoring in your membership site business.

  • The Membership Site Model Risk Assessment

    How to gauge the level of risk for member attrition rate for each of the 3 main membership site models.

  • Retention 'Controls'

    The 4 categories of controls that you can utilize to improve the retention rate for your membership site.

  • How To 'Close The Back Door'

    The most important thing you can do to be both proactive and reactive to reduce cancellations and keep members paying you longer.


MemberSonic Lite

MemberSonic Lite is a WordPress Membership Site Plugin designed from our “Pro” version. Create unlimited levels (free or paid) and protect and sell your content using PayPal.

This Is Concise, Actionable Training That You Can Apply To Your Membership Site Business Right Now

This is hard core training for any membership site owner - regardless of where they are with their membership site.

Implement these strategies now to stop the bleeding and immediately increase your revenues.

Implement these strategies on a new site so the bleeding never happens in the first place.

Doesn't matter... the end result is the same.


More Money In Your Bank Account

Plus, you get the added benefit of increasing the lifetime value of your customers... which means you can continue to sell or promote more products to them in the future.

That's a WIN / WIN for everybody in my book.


By the way, this is 100% money-back guaranteed! If you don’t ABSOLUTELY love the training in this manual, just return it for a full refund, no questions asked!

You have nothing to lose (because you lost it already).

Imagine if next week you implemented these strategies and you saw just a 5% improvement in your member retention.

What would that do for your bottom line?


Introductory Price Increases With Every Sale!

I look forward to helping you grow your membership site business into something that you love to manage and profit from.

To your success,

Andrew Hunter

PS.  This is a small investment for such a potentially huge financial return in your membership site business.  I've given you what you need to succeed... you just need to take action.