Learn The Secrets To Creating A Wildly Successful Membership Site With A Tribe Of Members That Happily Pay You Over And Over Again!

Dear Friend,Hunter-1042c

Let me ask you a question...

Do you feel like you are chained and shackled to your membership site, pouring time and effort into managing it but not making any profit from it at all?

If so then read on because I'm about to explain how anyone can...


Set It Up Once To Get The Desired Result, Then Walk Away To Do The Things You Enjoy, And Let Automation Handle Things In Your Absence!

A lot of people are touting the merits of setting up membership sites to make money online. I love membership sites myself. I've owned quite of few of them and have half a dozen active sites right now. They are a great source of revenue.


The reality is that there are some cold hard facts when it comes to membership sites...


  • FACT: Membership Sites Create Time Pressures

    Once you commit to delivering content on a regular basis, you must keep your promise!  The moment life happens and you fall behind, it can be very painful to catch up (if ever).

  • FACT: Membership Sites Require Complicated Scripts

    Many membership site plugins are way too expensive or have so many “bells and whistles” that you need to join a membership site just to learn how to use them! (NOTE:  Not the case with ours… in fact, we give you one for free)

  • FACT: Membership Sites Have A Constant Battle To Keep Members

    Here’s a figure most people don’t tell you about: the “average” subscriber will stay active for 3-4 months and then they’ll cancel. What, you thought they’d join and stay with you forever? It simply doesn’t happen that way.

Now Here's Some Good News For You...

  • You don’t have to go it alone.
  • You don’t have to spend months learning how to create a membership site through trial and error.
  • You don’t have to spend frustrating nights pulling your hair out, trying to figure out what’s wrong with your sales funnel.
  • You don’t have to spend even one moment beating your head against the wall, as you watch members cancelling their subscription in less than 30 days.

Your solution is here…

Introducing Membership Site Velocity

Your Complete Step-By-Step Course To Accelerating Your Membership Site Profits Using My Unique "C.O.A.C.H" System


This isn’t theory. This isn’t some rehashed info you’ve read a thousand times before. Instead, this is a time-tested, proven membership site strategy – the same one I’ve been personally using for many years to make money with membership sites.

This Is The Real Deal.  This Is Where The Passive Profits Are At.

Order below and you’ll discover my Moguls C.O.A.C.H. Process, which stands for;

  • C


  • O


  • A


  • C


  • H


Here's Whats Included In Each Module...

Module 1

Session 1:  The C.O.A.C.H. Process

In this 58:53 minute long training video, you will be introduced to the course as we cover the following topics:

  • Introduction To The C.O.A.C.H. Membership Site Process

    Introduction to my 5 step membership site success system where I lay out the framework to building a successful membership site business.

Module 2

Session 2:  Markets & Models

In this 1 hour 2 minute long training video, we cover the following topics:

  • How To Choose A Niche Market

    How to identify profitable niche markets and your target audience.  How to determine your core competencies and position yourself in your marketplace.  How to align your strengths to your target audience. How to benchmark the competition and build a better mousetrap (membership site).

  • How To Select The Right Membership Model

    Understanding the “Big 3″ membership models and how to choose the membership model strategy that is right for you and your business/niche market.

Module 3

Session 3:  Content Development & Delivery

In this 1 hour 18 minute long training video, we cover the following topics:

  • How To Develop & Arrange Your Membership Site Content

    Understanding the different types of membership content and the various techniques for content creation.  How to select hot topics and titles that grab the attention of your members.

  • How To Deliver Value To Your Members

    How to setup your membership site platform. How to create a sales funnel for your membership site (from autoresponder sequences to content delivery).  Understanding the necessary components you need to have in place to support your membership site and keep your members happy happy happy.

Module 4

Session 4:  3, 2, 1 … LAUNCH!

In this 50:15 minute long training video, we cover the following topics:

  • How To Hit Your Promotions

    How to utilize both free and paid traffic sources to drive targeted traffic to your membership site.  4 powerful launch strategies to encourage visitors to become paying members.  PLUS – advanced retention strategies to close the back door and keep members paying you month after month after month…

Point is, by the time you’re finished working through these four modules…

You'll Finally Know How To Build A REAL Membership Site - And You'll Know How To Turn Your Subscribers Into Eager Paying Members!

Over 4 Hours of Step-By-Step Video Training!

With the right software, anyone can build a membership site. But few people know how to build a profitable membership site.

 And that’s what Tribal Velocity does for you – it shows you exactly how to build a membership site filled with members that eagerly buy from you again and again. And it shows you how to keep the revenue flowing month after month, year after year.

It’s not just a money-maker. This isn’t some “scheme” that puts money in your pocket today and leaves you scrambling next month to pay the bills. This is a complete business blueprint for recurring income.  And it may just be the start of a new career for you.

Ryan Rice

I’ve known Andrew for quite a while now and I can tell anyone without a doubt that he puts not only time into creating his products, but ensures his personal knowledge to defeat the hurdles so many of us endure. In a nutshell you can’t go wrong with any of Andrew’s products, it’s like taking all that is good in this IM business and getting it directly from one of the best people in the biz that make it so.

Ryan Rice

So How Much Does It Cost?

By this point you’ve realized that this is the right course. This is the master road map you’ve been looking for. This is the plan that’s finally going to pull it all together for you so that you can start making good money with membership sites.

There is no better feeling than seeing those recurring subscription payments hitting your PayPal account every month.

Now tell me, is it worth investing $97 just ONCE to generate $20 per member for months to come?

You bet it is. You could even recoup your payment in the first month. And every dollar you make after that is pure profit. That’s why $97 is an almost insane price for this course.

But, you won't pay $97 today.  The fact is that when I first sold this course, people jumped all over it for a discounted price of $67.

Today It's Your's For A Small Investment Of Only $17

shield_06And, I’m so confident that you are going to LOVE this course, that I’ll make this deal with you.  If you aren’t completely satisfied, just email me back and I’ll refund every penny … plus you can keep the course for free!

I believe that  you will recognize the value of the course and agree 100% that it is far, far more than the money you invested in it.

That’s why I’m making this offer.

Join Now For Instant Access!

Yes Andrew!  This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!  I’m eager to get a proven system in place that I can follow along to build and profit from membership sites.

  • Over 4 Hours Of Video Training Modules
  • A Master MindMap In PDF Format
  • MemberSonic Lite Membership Site Plugin
  • Access To Rock Star Email Support

Membership Site Velocity

There is no better time to start building your very own membership site than right now.

See you in our members area,

Andrew Hunter

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.