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Watch Me Create a Brand New Coaching Program From Scratch in the Next 5 Days

Now You Can Watch Over The Shoulder Of An Internet Expert As I Build A New Upsell Product From Scratch And Launch It - All Within 5 Days!

Do you get frustrated because you see your competition positioned as high-powered coaches and industry experts in your niche, but the only training you can find online to show you how to do the same thing is “how to create a squeeze page” or “how to start an internet business”?

You know how it is – you want to build a REAL BUSINESS but all the courses you find is just some basic training on how to create some kind of one-page mini-site?

Like that's really going to be of any use to you.

YOU Want To Be An Authority, Like Your Competitors, Right?

And if you don’t – you should!

No disrespect intended, but if you really think you can compete in your niche with a simple squeeze page, a few articles, and a weak sales letter, you are seriously kidding yourself.

Look, I don’t mean to offend, BUT – the truth is – if you want to compete, you have to LOOK like a player.

And if you don’t – well, it’s no wonder people aren’t buying from you, is it?

And by the way, if you are focusing on “driving traffic” but you don’t have a professional presence when someone gets to your site – well, that traffic is wasted.

Are you driving traffic but no one buys or subscribes?

Maybe it’s not the traffic.

Maybe it’s your site.

But I hear it all the time, a client tells me “I tried this traffic and it didn’t work, so I tried THIS traffic, then it didn’t work, so can you PLEASE teach me to drive traffic the way you do.”

So I do. I teach them. And that doesn’t work for them either.

But it works for me and hundreds of others online. And the traffic sources you’ve tried work for other people who have professional businesses.

Traffic isn’t the problem.
What you do with that traffic when it comes to your site is the problem.

Do You Know The Fundamentals To Online Success?

Here are the things you need in place in order to position yourself to sell anything:

  • A U.S.P.

    A Unique Selling Proposition… you must differentiate from your competition. You cannot teach exactly the same thing as everyone else.  Find that one thing you do very well and position yourself as the authority in that area.

  • An Online Presence

    You must have a professional website and be able to engage with the people who come to your site.  That means you have to be able to write or talk. Emails, sales letters, webinars, teleseminars, skype, whatever.  You don’t have to do ALL those things at the same time.  But you HAVE to be able to communicate clearly.

  • A Coaching Program

    You need a high end core training that you are selling for $997 or more.  It can be a coaching program, a training program, or a home study course.  You have to have it.  No one wants to learn from someone who just has $10 products. You don’t, do you?  Experts and gurus  have $1000+ products.  If you don’t, then perception has it that you are NOT an expert.

So let me ask you... how well do you shape up?

Chances are, you are missing at least one of these elements, and that's why you are not making the money you would like to make in your business.

My guess is it’s because you either A) didn’t realize you NEED all those components (you do) or B) you don’t know HOW to do all those components, and hardly anyone is teaching them.

How much of a difference would it make in your business to learn how to implement these components and put them in place as early as next week?

It would be significant wouldn't it... yeah I thought so.

That's why I've put together this special 'over my shoulder' training series for you.

The Moguls Backend Bootcamp

5  Training Modules Where I Build A Coaching Program Live Right In Front Of You.

Moguls Backend Boot Camp

Here Is What You Get...

  • 5 recorded webinars from initial planning and strategizing to build and launch of the new high end product.
  • I'll create a USP that differentiates me from my competition in this niche market.
  • I'll package a $997 coaching program within an authority site in the niche market.
  • You’ll see me create an entire engagement system for this niche, and get it into full operation.

Here Is The Training Content

Session 1:  Strategizing & Planning

I'll show you the niche market and the current $27 course.  Then I'll strategize how to best position the site as an authority site, and plan out exactly how to accomplish it in 5 days.  If you have a dead site that you would like to revive, then this session is a MUST ATTEND!

Session 2:  Course Creation

During this workshop, you will see me package video content along with interactive elements to produce a hybrid coaching program worthy of a $997 price tag.  I'll also cover the exact steps I follow to develop high end products (from problem to solution).

Session 3:  Site Branding

In this workshop I'll teach you how to create a unique selling proposition and apply these principles to my website.  I'll show you the correct way to position yourself as an expert in your niche market.

Session 4:  Product Delivery Secrets

During this workshop we will cover the 'mechanics' of creating a product delivery system.  I'll show you how to set up your product and communication methods with your coaching clients.

Session 5:  Funnel & Launch

One of the most overlooked areas of online business is your email marketing campaign. In this session I'll show how I build a sales funnel along with a followup email sequence to turn leads into customers.


Now Let Me Ask You...

How would it feel to have your OWN coaching program up and running in 5 days?

How would your life change if you had your OWN $1000 training program for sale in the next 5 days?

How would your life change if you had a COMPLETE business up and running in the next 5 days, instead of some disjointed squeeze pages, articles, and a sales page?

How would it feel to be positioned as a REAL authority in your niche, and have people WANTING to learn from YOU?

And have others asking to interview YOU instead of you asking to interview THEM?

What would it be worth to you to have all that?

Here’s thing, I know there are 'gurus'  selling training programs to do any ONE of the elements I am going to show next week for $1000 to $5000.

And besides my personal business coach, I don’t know of ANYONE who shows the ENTIRE process from beginning to end from the perspective of being able to WATCH it instead of just telling you in hindsight what they DID.

So clients in the future will pay $1000 to watch me – in retrospect – do what I am going to do in real-time next week.

Yes Andrew!  I want to learn exactly how to create and launch a high end coaching program just like you!  I understand that I will gain access to:

  • Over 5 hours of training videos
  • Unannounced bonuses released over the 5 training sessions

Moguls Backend Boot Camp

Andrew Hunter

I’m excited to work with you and I believe that if you apply what I teach you, it will significantly change your business.

If at anytime you have questions feel free to reach out to me – either during the live training or via email.

Andrew Hunter Membership Site Moguls

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be recordings available? +

Yes!  Each webinar will be recorded and included in the members area for future reference.

Does it matter what membership site software I use? +

No it doesn't matter.  You can use MemberSonic, Wishlist Member, or not at all for that matter.